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Union Cosmetic

Manufacturer of advanced Czech cosmetics and household chemicals, characterized by high quality, attractive design and reasonable price. Wash cosmetics is manufactured using modern technology of production with the use of natural ingredients and herbal extracts.


The portfolio of LLC "BPM-GROUP" includes cosmetics for hair and body care for trade marks "Lilien" and "Naturalis", as well as laundry conditioners and dishwashing detergents for TM "Twister".





Gels and conditioners for washing

Twister Conditioner-concentrate for laundry 1L

Гели и кондиционеры для стирки

Twister Hypoallergenic gel for delicate washing 1.5L
Twister Gel for washing 1,5L

Уход за волосами

Naturalis Hair Shampoo
Lilien Pro-Fusion Hair Shampoo
Lilien Hair Balm
Lilien Shampoo-shower gel for men
Lilien Children's shampoo-shower gel
Lilien Pro-Style Professional Shampoo

Уход за телом

Lilien Body Lotion Olive Oil
Lilien Gel for intimate hygiene
Lilien Cream Shower Gel
Naturalis Bath Foam
Naturalis Body Lotion
Naturalis Body Butter Chocolate
Naturalis Body Cream Aloe Vera
Naturalis Shower Gel
Lilien Soap-Foam

Средства для мытья посуды

Twister dish washing balsam