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Perfume and cosmetics factory "Sonza", whose production facilities are located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, specializes in the production of washing powders, liquid detergents, shampoos and hair conditioners.

The plant has the highest level of technical support and is one of the leaders in production capacity among enterprises in Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Strict quality control at all stages of production and the availability of our own laboratory ensure the high quality of the products that can satisfy the highest demands of customers.

In the portfolio of OOO BPM-GROUP there are washing powders for manual and automatic washing of trade marks "Chaika", "Mara", including "April", a free phosphate ruler, "Sky" laundry conditioners, dishwashing detergents TM " Fedor ", as well as shampoos and balms-rinsers TM" Krasa ".




Уход за волосами

KRASA Balm rinse

Гели и кондиционеры для стирки

April Evolution Gel for washing 1L
Sky Conditioner for linen 1L
Mara Conditioner for linen 1L
Chaika Conditioner 1L

Порошки для стирки

April Evolution automatic color protection 2 kg
April Evolution Automatic Provence 3 kg
April Evolution Provence wagon for hand washing 400 gr
Chaika Child 2 kg
Seagull automatic 2 in 1 with air conditioning 2 kg
Chaika Fresh wind for hand-washing 400 grams
Mara machine for color linen, 2kg

Средства для мытья посуды

Chaika balm for washing dishes
Chaika gel for children's dishes
Fedora balm for washing dishes
Fedora Powder for dishwashers
Fedora Rinser for dishwashers
Suprim Powder for dishwashers

Средства по уходу за домом

Voshod Cleaning Powder with Bleach

Уход за телом

KRASA Cream soap
KRASA Body Lotion
KRASA Shower gel