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LLC "Kampary" is the leader in the production of women's sanitary napkins in the Republic of Belarus. All products are made from high-quality hypoallergenic raw materials that do not contain dyes and are bleached with a chlorine free method.

The assortment list of LLC "BPM-GROUP" includes feminine hygiene products of the TM "Meggi", toothpastes and toothbrushes of TM "Fresh & White", wet wipes and hygiene diapers of TM "Softex", which were highly appreciated by consumers, thanks to a combination of quality and price.



Средства личной гигиены

Cotton sticks MEGGI
Cotton swabs MEGGI
Wet wipes and napkins SOFTEX
Hygiene tampons MEGGI
Toothpaste FRESH & WHITE "3rd action"
Hygiene pads MEGGI on critical days Ultra Normal
Hygiene pads MEGGI Multiform Deo