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"BPM GROUP" LLC is a young and dynamically developing company operating in the Ukrainian market in the sphere of active distribution of household chemicals, personal care products and cosmetics.

The mission of the company is to reliably combine the capabilities of leading manufacturers with the needs of people to provide them with goods

for cleanliness and beauty.

When choosing producers, we pursue two main goals:

•          Perfect quality at an affordable price;

•           the maximum guarantee of product safety, both for the end user and the environment.

The company "BPM GROUP" works with domestic and European manufacturers, and is also an importer of Belarusian and Czech products:

•         perfumery and cosmetic factory "Sontsa";

•         manufacturer of personal care products, LLC "Kampari";

•         manufacturer of cosmetics cosmetics and household chemicals "Union Cosmetic";

•         manufacturer of toilet care products "Tomil"